Update on Australian Macadamia Season 2024

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We visited Macadamia Farms in Northern New South Wales and Southeast Queensland last week, and we wanted to give our customers and interested parties an update on the status of 2024 Australian Macadamia harvest.

Seriously, it has been raining on the East Coast of Australia now for 4 – 5 weeks. The reason for this relates to a rare meteorological event that mean that a Low Pressure system full of water was blocked in over the East Coast, meaning that it rained for weeks without stopping.

This has had a negative impact on harvesting Macadamia Nuts in Australia. When Macadamia Nuts are mature, they fall from the tree onto the ground, where Macadamia Nut harvesters that sweep the nuts off the ground. This can only be done on dry ground, and we certainly haven’t had that.  Usually at the end of March, beginning of April, Macadamia nuts are usually arriving at the Processors.

This picture was taken on 17th May 2024 – under all that water is Macadamia Nuts!

What is the impact of excess water on Macadamia Nuts?

The feedback that we have from processors is that Macadamia Nuts are very hardy and have the strongest shells of all nuts and still have their husk before processing, so if the In Shell Nuts are dried naturally there should be little impact on quality, all processors have noted that Macadamia Nuts will require additional sorting to take out Unsound Kernel (USK).

Some images of Macadamia Nuts that have been subject to water show that the shells are quite dark. These will return to normal colour as the nuts are dried naturally before husking.

Shells on Macadamia Nuts

Customers can be assured that the quality of Australian Macadamia Nuts will continue to be superior to Macadamia Nuts grown in other countries.

We are now getting good weather in Eastern Australia and all Macadamia processors are preparing for an influx from the farms. This means however, that processors in Australia are running 6-8 weeks behind in shipping stock.

Prices and Stock availability 2024 Australia Macadamia Season

An update on pricing in Australia. 2023 saw a crash in Australian Macadamia prices to the farmer, in fact, the price the farmer was paid for Macadamia Nuts was below the cost to produce and harvest, therefore, it is estimated that 30% of the 2023 crop wasn’t collected by farmers.  This was an unsustainable situation.

2024 prices to the farmer have increased by approximately 40% this year, and this has meant that the price of Australian Macadamia Nuts has increased versus 2023 prices.

Prices for Nut in Shell (NIS) are circa $4.00- $4.20 USD

There is expected to be a reduced amount of Nut in Shell sold in 2024, as there is increased demand for Kernel this year.

We are still taking orders for Nut in Shell, please contact us to discuss availability and price and we are also exporting Kernel – Raw, Roasted and Coated.

Our company has also just launched our own brand of Macadamia Kernel – Australis Food Group – with Roasted & Lightly Salted, Truffle Flavour and Wasabi Flavours available.


PATAZA launches Australis Food Group Macadamia Nuts at CIIE

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PATAZA Pty Ltd’s Success at the 6th Annual CIIE Tradeshow: A Delectable Showcase of Australian Delicacies by leading Australian Exporter

PATAZA Pty Ltd, an experienced Australian Food & Wine exporter, recently made waves at the 6th annual China International Import Expo (CIIE) tradeshow. With a commitment to delivering premium Australian products to the global market, PATAZA showcased an impressive array of offerings, including their own range of Macadamia Nuts under the Australis Food Group brand and a delightful selection of  Australian confectionery and food products from famous brands and local manufacturers.

PATAZA stand at CIIE Tradeshow Shanghai 2023

Macadamia Nuts Extravaganza:

One of the stars of PATAZA’s showcase was our exquisite range of Macadamia Nuts, available in Roasted & Salted, Truffle, and Wasabi flavors. Under the banner of Australis Food Group, these nuts captivated attendees with their rich, buttery texture and distinct flavor profiles. The Roasted & Salted variant offered a classic, savory experience, while the Truffle and Wasabi flavors provided a unique twist, showcasing the diversity of Australian culinary expertise and the quality of Australian Macadamia Nuts.

Australis Food Group: A Brand of Distinction:

PATAZA proudly presented its own brand, Australis Food Group, at CIIE. The brand symbolizes a commitment to quality and authenticity, reflecting the rich culinary heritage of Australia. The Macadamia Nuts were not just snacks; they were an embodiment of the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication that goes into each product under the Australis Food Group umbrella.

Australis Food Group Truffle flavoured Macadamia Nuts 300g

Australian Confectionery for Export:

In addition to the Macadamia Nuts, PATAZA wowed CIIE attendees with a delectable assortment of sweets. Hugos Chocolates, a testament to Australian chocolate-making finesse, stole the show with its premium quality and irresistible taste. Furthermore, PATAZA showcased well-loved favorites such as Maltesers Buckets (465g), M&M confectionery, and Sour Patch Kids, appealing to diverse tastes and preferences.

Networking and Collaborations:

The CIIE tradeshow served as a platform for PATAZA to engage with potential business partners, distributors, and customers. The company’s representatives were active in forging connections and exploring collaboration opportunities, laying the groundwork for the continued global expansion of Australian food and beverage products.

Visitors at PATAZA stand CIIE tradeshow 2023


PATAZA Pty Ltd’s presence at the 6th annual CIIE tradeshow was nothing short of a triumph. The showcase of Macadamia Nuts, the introduction of the Australis Food Group brand, and the array of delightful confectionery offerings underscored the company’s dedication to bringing the best of Australian flavors to the international stage. As PATAZA continues to make strides in the global market, the CIIE tradeshow stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the realm of food and wine export.

View of the 6th annual CIIE tradeshow in Shanghai China 2023

Fine Food Show and NSW Premiers Export Awards Finalist

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September has been an exceptionally hectic month, with lots of activities, meetings and attending the annual Fine Food Show in Sydney.  Capping off a great month, we also have the honour our being announced as a finalist in the NSW Premiers Export Awards!

OK, lets unpack a massive month:

Fine Food Show happened in beautiful Sydney from 11 – 14 September 2023 at the ICC in Darling Harbour. This is arguably Australia’s premier FMCG tradeshow, happening every year rotating between Sydney and Melbourne. The tradeshow had exhibitors from Australia as well as countries including Korea, China, USA, Thailand,, India, Italy and more. One thing that we noticed was the absence of the major FMCG companies from exhibiting. This is not a new trend as the multinational companies don’t see value in exhibiting, we hope that this changes as it would be great to see the show with these companies.

Despite this, it was still a fantastic event with many companies present across various categories. Some of our valued suppliers where exhibiting, including our friends at DJ&A who’s mascot was a big hit at the how with visitors. We also had the pleasure of hosting some of our customers who were visiting to attend the show. We also took the opportunity to visit stores to look for new and interesting products, as well as meeting invitations organised by Export Connect and Investment NSW with the buyer from Cold Storage in Singapore.

We also found some new products and suppliers, which we will be communicating to our customers so stay tuned for updates on this

Talking about Big Events, PATAZA Pty Ltd has been chosen as a finalist in the Premiers NSW Export Awards, and we also have to mention the support from the Export Council of Australia. We are proud to be recognised now as a finalist in two Export Awards. We will be attending a Gala Dinner for the Premiers NSW Export Awards at the ICC Darling Harbour on 23rd October 2023. We wish all of the finalists the best of luck on the day.

Entering into these 2 awards for the first time this year, the process has been a valuable training opportunity for our staff and also forced us to do a critical review of our business and the things that make our business unique and successful.

Our company also received an invitation to attend the Australian Saudi Business Forum (ABSF) where we had the opportunity to hear from key Saudi speakers on the development opportunities in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom is moving from its reliance on Oil to develop new business and investment opportunities. One of the key points mentioned during presentations was the importance of Food Security, which we are hearing more often as a challenge facing the world.

Finally, this week we will also be attending the NSW and Guangdong Joint Economic Meeting (JEM) where we will be meeting with delegates from Guangdong Province in China and we have been given the opportunity to address the forum to discuss the growth potential of business between NSW and Guangdong.

So this has been a massive month for PATAZA Pty Ltd as we are also busy shipping orders for Christmas and Lunar New Year, and we have a huge launch of our own brand in the next 2 months – stay tuned!


Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence – Finalist

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PATAZA Pty Ltd – Celebrating Excellence in Food and Wine Exports at the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence


We are thrilled to announce that PATAZA Pty Ltd, an Australian company specialising in exporting premium Food and Wine, has been named as a finalist in the prestigious International Business category at the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence (WSABE). The recognition reflects our dedication to excellence, innovation, and commitment to expanding our culinary delights beyond Australian borders. A Gala Dinner will be held in Sydney on 13th October, where the winners will be unveiled. As a leading food exporter, we are eager to showcase our success and the positive impact we’ve made in the global market.

1. The Journey of PATAZA Pty Ltd:

Our journey as a food exporter has been a remarkable one. From humble beginnings to becoming a finalist at the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence, we have strived to bring the finest Australian food and wine to discerning palates worldwide. Our passion for quality, sustainability, and authenticity has been the driving force behind our success.

2. Exporting Australian Culinary Treasures:

As a food exporter, we take immense pride in representing Australia’s rich culinary heritage to the world. From delectable gourmet treats to world-class wines, our range of products reflects the diverse and unique flavors that make Australian cuisine stand out on the global stage. Each product is carefully sourced and crafted to ensure an exceptional experience for our customers overseas.

3. Navigating International Markets:

Entering international markets comes with its share of challenges, but we at PATAZA Pty Ltd have embraced them with determination and adaptability. From understanding foreign regulations to building strong partnerships with distributors and retailers, we have endeavored to overcome barriers and establish a global presence.

4. Sustainability and Ethical Practices:

As a responsible food exporter, sustainability and ethical practices are at the core of our business model. We are committed to supporting local communities and farmers while promoting environmentally friendly practices throughout our supply chain. Our customers can enjoy our products with the knowledge that they are supporting sustainable initiatives.

5. Embracing Innovation:

Innovation has been a key aspect of our success story. Whether it’s exploring new product lines, adopting advanced packaging technologies, or leveraging digital marketing strategies, we continuously strive to stay ahead in the ever-evolving international market.


The Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence have given us a platform to celebrate our achievements and showcase our commitment to excellence as a food and wine exporter. We extend our gratitude to all our customers, partners, and stakeholders who have been part of this incredible journey. As the Gala Dinner approaches on 13th October, we eagerly await the winners’ announcement, and regardless of the outcome, we will continue to raise the bar in the world of food exportation. Thank you for being a part of our success story, and we look forward to delighting the world’s taste buds with the best of Australian food and wine for years to come.

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Metcash Expo 2023 and Macadamia Nut update

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Metcash Expo 2023

We had the pleasure of attending the Metcash Expo 2023 on the Gold Coast in Queensland. This is an annual event for Metcash customers in Australia (IGA, Foodworx, Drakes Foodland) as well as international visitors from the Asia Pacific region. One of the advantages of the Metcash Expo is that all of the major manufacturers exhibit as part of their Trading Terms with Metcash.

Famous brands in attendance at the Metcash Expo included Mars, Mondelez, Nestle, Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Coca Cola, Tobacco companies, Smiths/Pepsi, General Mills, Kelloggs as well as local brands – Bundaberg, The Market Grocer, a2 Milk. JC’s Nuts, Vita-Soy, Kinrise. The attendance of visitors was amazing, with many Australian and International visitors using this as their annual break from work.

We met with many of our suppliers and also customers in attendance, and there were some great deals available from all of the suppliers.

All up, this event was a great success for our company and we are really looking forward to attending the 2024 Metcash Expo.

Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia Nuts exports have also been a major focus for our company over the past month. Our company exports over 500 tons of Macadamia Nuts, both Macadamia Nuts In Shell and Macadamia Kernel. We work with several quality Australian Macadamia Nut processors to export what is arguably the best Macadamia Nuts in the world.

The Macadamia Harvest in 2023 has been quite difficult,  with estimates being 30% below expectations. There has been a perfect storm of Low Prices to the farmer and reduced yield and quality of the Macadamia Nuts produced.

Over the past 2 seasons, prices for Australian Macadamia Nuts have been very high, however, 2023 has seen a large correction in price, driven by Global market conditions. This has mean that farmgate prices for Macadamia Nuts have been below $2.00/KG USD, which is below the farmers cost to produce. There are many cases where farmers have simply left Macadamia crop on the ground to rot rather than collecting and drying and losing money.

Also the 2022 and 2023 harvests have been below expectations in terms of yield and quality – this is a result of climate change and difficult climate conditions. So farmers that normally harvest 300-400 tons of In Shell Macadamia have only harvested 150 – 200 tons.

There has also been a trend for customers seeking Super Premium specifications 26% SKR and 24-26MM in shell. This has been difficult to achieve, as only 20% of In Shell Macadamia Nuts meets this specification.

Nonetheless, we have sold a record amount of In Shell Macadamia Nuts to Vietnam, China and Korea.

We welcome new Macadamia Nut customers, and we are now discussing orders for 2024 season.


Thaifex Anuga Bangkok Thailand 2023

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We had the pleasure of attending Thaifex Anuga in wonderful Bangkok Thailand from 23rd May to 27th May 2023.. What an amazing event, with over 78,000 visitors attending over 5 days and 3000 exhibitors from over 45 countries represented.

We had the chance to meet with some existing customers from Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia, we well as introductions to several new customers from Thailand and other countries, so for PATAZA Pty Ltd, it was a chance to further raise the profile of our company as a leading Australian Food Exporter.

Our big observations from attending Thaifex Anuga are that:

  • This was a well attended tradeshow, similar to our visit to FHA Singapore in September, we were amazed at the visitor turnout. So many people from various countries, it gave our company the chance to meet with many of our customers in one location.
  • There was a large amount of exhibitors from outside Thailand – whilst there was only a small representation from Australia, there were many exhibitors from Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Japan, Korea and even exhibitors from Germany, Poland and Brazil.
  • Thailand Importers, Wholesalers and Retailers were well represented at the tradeshow.
  • Despite the heat, inside the event was comfortable and there was an amazing display of food in the Sky Bridge food area.

In summary, it was very worthwhile attending Thaifex Anuga 2023, with our company getting new orders for Macadamia Nuts for export and the chance to meet with existing and new customers. We will definitely put this in our calendar to attend Thaifex Anuga as an exhibitor in 2024.


Mars Pods, Twix Pods and Snickers Pods Back in Stock

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After 18 months of being Out of Stock, supply of Mars Pods 160g x 15, Snickers Pods 160g x 15 and Twix Pods 160g x 15 are again available for Export. Pods are a favourite product in Australia, and we have had plenty of enquiries and sales since they returned to sale. Mars are not promoting Pods in any sales channel as they are in high demand, but we are now able to supply, and we welcome your enquiries.

Following on from this positive news, we have just been advised that Mars are having a price increase on all of their products on 3/7/23. We are able to take orders up to this date at current pricing, after 3rd July 2023 prices will increase significantly, so we are encouraging our customers to buy up on all Mars products before this date. All Mars products will increase by 8-10 % except for Buckets (including Maltesers Buckets and M&M Buckets which will increase by 15%.

New Products – Doritos Street Art

Our friends at Smiths are launching a Limited Edition range of Doritos – Street Art Collection – available in 3 flavours Fire & Fury, Kingpin Burger and Mayhem Kebab, the packaging looks fantastic and we are sure that this Limited Edition range will be popular with our customers. Available for a short time only, you can be the first in your market to sell these new flavours.        

Stay tuned also, for new Limited Edition Chefs Series Red Rock Deli chips available in July/August

2023 Macadamia Season has started

Finally, we are now starting to Export Macadamia In Shell and Kernel from 2023 season. Prices are now very competitive compared to previous years, and the quality of the harvest is quite high, so this is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of High Quality and Low Prices for Australian Macadamia Nuts. E still have some availability of Nut In Shell 20-22MM and 22MM+ and also Style 0, Style 1 and Style 4L kernel. Contact Us for a quote.


Time Flies when you’re having Fun

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They say “Time Flies when you’re having fun” and its hard to believe we are fast approaching the end oof Q1 2023. A quarter of this calendar has nearly passed, and we have been very busy processing and shipping orders as well as working with our supply partners to find savings that we can pass on, or reduce the impact of price increases, which are still occurring.

We are taking orders now for Summertime lines, and we are shipping Bundaberg Ginger Beer and Bundaberg Brewed Drinks at prices, contact us for information on current deals for Bundaberg. Also we are now exporting Nippys flavoured milk (we have a Dairy Export Licence). We also are exporting an Australian Made Fruit Drink – Fruity Burst in a 250ml pop top and cool packaging with Thomas the Tank Engine, Barbie and more.

Our customers are now also planning for Winter 23 sales, and we are starting to discus sales of Maltesers Buckets 465g, Mondelez/Cadbury Blocks and Kit Kat with Kit Kat Milo proving to be a big selling item.

We have been advised that Nestle will be having a price increase on Medium Bars, and this likely means that Cadbury and Mars will follow, as they all have pricing relativity to maintain. We have also seen a 17% average price increase in Red Rock Deli, Smiths, Doritos and Cheetos as well as Kettle and Tyrrells chips, caused by a shortage of Potatoes in Australia post floods and energy prices.

`We will be running a special on Penfolds Koonunga Hill wine from April 23 to end of June 23, please contact us for details on this special, and we have also been advised that Treasury Wine Estate will be changing their bottle colour on Koonunga Hill range around May this year to a slightly Greener bottle. We have been told that this may lead to some temporary shortages on Koonunga Hill around this time, so if you want to take advantage of our Koonunga Hill Special, we suggest ordering in April to avoid disappointment. We are still experiencing shortages of Cloudy Bay wine; we have no stock available for export and Oyster Bay Wine has just increased by $1.50 per carton from the supplier, we do have stock of Oyster Bay. We are now offering to our customers and alternative New Zealand White Wine – 821 South Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

While we are talking Wine, we just returned from a visit to the Hong Kong market, where we were presenting an innovative new Wine product called Wine In A Glass, the reception to this product has been very positive, as retailers and wholesalers can see the value in a Ready To Drink Wine in a premium plastic glass with or without stem, as an ideal solution for Barbeques, Parties and Entertaining.


Its also been a very busy month in March signing contracts for the export of Australian Macadamia Nuts In the Shell. Macadamia Nuts are Native to Australia, and we are just preparing now in Australia for 2023 harvest season, which runs from April to June. For the past 2 years, Australian Macadamia Nuts have been very expensive, and we are seeing a correction in price for the 2023 season, with prices from Australia much lower. We have nearly sold all of our allocation of 22MM+ Macadamia Nut In Shell, and we only have approximately 200 metric tons to sell, so if you are interested in Australian Macadamia Nuts, we suggest you contact us soon before all stock is sold. We also have a good supply of 20-22MM Macadamia Nut available for export, and we are also seeing increased interest in sales of Macadamia Kernel, with Style 0, Style 1 and Style 4L being the most sought after at this stage. We will also be exporting Macadamia Kernel, and we expect to have prices for our customers in the next 2-3 weeks.

That wraps up our March newsletter, we have some big promotions running this month on Cadbury Blocks and Cadbury Medium Bars as well as Cadbury Favourites and Roses, so Contact Us for our latest pricing and information.


Welcome to 2023!

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Dear valued customer,

Welcome to 2023! We would like to wish all of our customers a prosperous and healthy Western and Lunar New Year!

We are intending to send a monthly Newsletter with Australian market information & news and also New Products and Monthly Specials. We hope that you find this interesting, please unsubscribe if this is not useful for you.

As the world continues to recover from COVID, there are still many challenges facing the FMCG industry that are likely to continue into this year. We see the following headwinds:

  • Inflation and Price Increases – currently Australian inflation is said to be 7%, we find this unusual, based on the frequency and size of price increases that are occurring in food that have been well above 7% average. Potato Chips have risen by 40% in the past 12 months – driven by the Ukraine war (both manufacturers predominately used Oil from there) as well as the Potato shortage caused by a long period of rain and flooding. 
  • Sea Freight and Air Freight prices – our best hope is that freight increases will slow down. Patricks in Australia have just announced an increase in Port Charges of $150 per TFE and this absorbs a $50 TFE drop in Sea Freight rates (HK) for Q1 and other destinations have increased. We hope that Air Freight will reduce in price as more planes start to fly.  
  • Economic Challenges caused by interest rate increases – we are now seeing a decline in domestic demand for food and wine, as people are feeling the effects of interest rate increases and we expect that all of the markets that we service will be in the same position.

Despite the challenges, Pataza Pty Ltd will continue to look for savings and better deals so that we can limit the impact on our customers. 
Kind Regards,
The Pataza Team

Promotion valid until 31st of January 2023.
Pricing is based on Ex Works Terms.
Per AUD in Unit.


Focus on Exporting Australian Food and Wine to Europe and North America

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Australia has a reputation for producing and supplying quality Food and Wine and this is well deserved as we have the highest quality production standards and the best growing conditions and practices. At PATAZA, we have focused mainly on markets in Asia, and we are pleased to announce that we are now exporting Australian Food and Wine to European and North American markets.

With the current position on Logistics as a result of the COVID pandemic and now the current war in Europe, we have seen a large increase in enquiries from Europe and also other markets in Asia due to supply issues they are experiencing buying from the United Kingdom and Europe. We have also noticed and increase in interest in Australian Oats, Vegetable Oils and Legumes, again due to increases in demand and limits in supply. This is also causing issues in Australia as manufacturers and suppliers are experiencing significant increases in costs, driven by increases in fuel (+15% vs SPLY) and increases in raw materials.

We have experience sourcing and shipping to the European Union, and we currently ship to France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and Benelux as well as the UK across all categories including Confectionery, Wine, General Grocery, Drinks and Snacks and food staples such as Oats, Legumes, Vegetable Oils. Australia has also announced a new FTA agreement with the UK, reducing import taxes and duties.

North America is also a growth market for PATAZA Pty Ltd, and we are shipping Confectionery to Canada and United States and we are also shipping grocery products from Australia to our sales partner in California, meaning that we can now ship to the USA through a co-loading agreement with our customer in the United States of America, allowing us to provide a Full Service solution to new customers, as we can source, supply, ship and even arrange local delivery in America.

We are also registered with FDA and we have a Dairy Export and Wine Export licence and this means that we are well placed to ship a wide range of Food and Wine to North America.

Popular products in Europe:

  • Tim Tam Biscuits
  • SAO Biscuits
  • Arnotts Biscuits
  • Weet Bix
  • Pods – Mars, Twix and Snickers
  • Manuka Honey
  • Maltesers Buckets
  • Bundaberg Drinks
  • Golden Circle Drinks 

Popular products in North America:

  • Tim Tam Biscuits
  • Limited Edition Confectionery and Snacks(M&M, Kit Kat, Doritos)
  • Australian Wine
  • Australian Milk
  • Kombucha
  • Big Sister Fruit Cakes
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Pods – Mars, Twix and Snickers

If you are in Europe, United Kingdom, Unites States of America or Canada and you are seeking to import Australian made Food, Confectionery and Wine, we would be pleased to arrange Export to your market. We are a leading Australian Food and Wine exporter, and we have the experience to deliver your export needs. Contact Us today.