Exports Beverages and Drinks

Beverage & Drinks Distribution Company

Amongst Australia’s beverage distribution companies only we offer some iconic drink brands, including Bundaberg brewed drinks, Milo and various Kombucha brands. We also export Not From Concentrate (NFC) Juice which tastes much better than juice made from concentrate and has exceptional shelf life. As well, we export Coca-Cola and Pepsico brands, including flavours that are exclusive to the Australian market. 

Our Best Selling Beverages & Drinks​

We export beverages from Australia. Bundaberg drinks are popular all over the world, and we export these as well as famous Kombucha brands such as Mojo Kombucha and Milo energy drink. We are also launching our own brand of Kombucha and we can supply OEM and Private Label Kombucha. 


Need Food Export From Australia?

PATAZA Pty Ltd is your one stop solution for Australian Beverages & Drinks