Honeycomb & Honey Export

Australian Honey & Honeycomb Export

Australia produces some of the highest quality honey and honeycomb. Strictly regulated, you can be sure that PATAZA Pty Ltd exports unadulterated and pure Honey and Honey products. Australia is also a big producer of Manuka Honey, sourced from the Leptospermum tree that grows in Australia and New Zealand, Australian Manuka has the same medicinal qualities as its famous New Zealand cousins. Our Australian honey export consists of Manuka Honey from New Zealand and we can supply with various labels, including Private Label or OEM. 

Our Best Selling Honey & Honeycomb

We provide honey at the best wholesale price. We export a number of companies Manuka and Eucalyptus honey, including SuperBee, Archibald’s, Gather By and AB’s Honey, as well as Australia’s market leader – Capilano Honey. 


Need Food Export From Australia?

PATAZA Pty Ltd is your one stop solution for Australian Floral Honey, Manuka Honey & Honeycomb