Maltesers season is coming – why Australian chocolates are in demand globally

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While its still summer in the Northern Hemisphere, we are starting to take orders and ship chocolates from Australia to our customers in Asia, Europe and North America in preparation for Winter season chocolate sales. Manufacturers require long lead times for production of seasonal lines – Christmas and Easter and chocolates in general.

One of our largest selling exports in Chocolates is the Maltesers Bucket 465g, along with Skittles 720g Bucket, M&M Chocolate 640g Bucket and M&M Peanut 575g Bucket. The reasons why Maltesers Buckets are a favorite with our customers include:

  • Famous Australian chocolate
  • Great for gifting
  • Red color bucket is considered lucky
  • Empty bucket is great for re-use
  • One of the fastest selling chocolates in Australia due to popular taste.
Maltesers becoming a global social media sensation

There are some crazy ways that people are eating Maltesers – check out this youtube video clip  from South Korea on one way to use Maltesers Buckets 465g – as a breakfast cereal.

New to the World – Family pack Maltesers 880g Bucket

Maltesers Buckets are also made in the UK in 440g size, this is one of the ways you can tell if your Maltesers Bucket is from Australia, as well as the taste. In fact, many of our customers choose Australian Maltesers over those made in other countries. It may also surprise you to know that the popular 37g Maltesers bag is made in Australia too, and only available in the EU market.

Mars Australia has recently launched 880g Maltesers Buckets.  Whilst it is exclusively for Costco, we have access to these new family size 880g Buckets to supply international market. The 880g buckets are unique and offer great value for consumers and parties. To order your Family size Maltesers 880g Buckets, just contact us on +61297118524 or email

Maltesers and M&M – New Flavors and Availability update

We have been advised by Mars that M&M Buckets will be in short supply until Mid-December for M&M Chocolate 640g buckets and October for M&M Peanut 575g buckets.

We also have Limited Edition Maltesers Marshmallow 130g and M&M Hubba Bubba 160g bags. We have done some taste testing on these and the feedback is that the new M&M’s flavor is best, with most of our people preferring the traditional Maltesers.

So why are Australian chocolates in demand around the world?

In general, we have found that many of our customers and consumers prefer the taste of Australian Milk Chocolate, there is quite a lot of debate on the internet over which countries chocolate tastes best, and we will leave you to judge for yourself, however, it seem that the main factor affecting the taste of the chocolate is the Milk that is added. Milk tastes different in every country and the taste is influenced by weather conditions, the grass that cows eat, altitude, breeds of cow and numerous other factors. Australian Milk is sought after all over the world, and we assume that this is the reason why Australian chocolates are in demand all over the world. Try our chocolates and see for yourself.

We are now taking orders for Maltesers 465g buckets and other chocolates, so to avoid disappointment, get in touch with us and secure your order for Maltesers today.

Remember – as in the popular Game of Thrones, Maltesers Season is Coming…

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