Macadamia Nuts

We export Bulk Macadamia Nuts In Shell and Kernel from Australia

PATAZA Pty is a major exporter of Australian Macadamia Nuts. We source and supply In Shell (NIS) and Kernel in Raw, Roasted and Coated in all sizes including:

Macadamia Nut In Shell – 22MM+ and 20-22MM

Macadamia Kernel – Style 0, Style 1, Style 4L, Style 7 and Macadamia Meal and Macadamia Oil

Coated Macadamia Kernel – Abalone, Chili, Wasabi, Truffle coated and Honey coated Macadamia Kernel and we also supply Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Macadamia nuts.

Macadamia nuts

Macadamia Nuts are native to Australia and its for this reason that Australian Macadamia Nuts are in such high demand. The combination of Sunshine, Sub-Tropical climate and Soil quality all lead to a rich buttery Nut with a beautiful creamy texture.

We work with 5 of the best Macadamia Processors in Australia, this means that we have the greatest chance to source and supply Macadamia Nuts throughout the year. This year (2024) we are on track to export over 800 tons of Macadamia Nuts so we have the experience and buying power to deliver our customers Top Quality Macadamia Nuts at competitive prices. The technology that is used in Australia to process Nuts is one of the advantages we offer, our processors use Colour Sorters, X-Ray and Laser Sorters to ensure the Macadamia Nuts we supply are of the highest quality.

Macadamia nuts ok

Need Macadamia Nuts In Shell or Macadamia Kernel From Australia?

We export Macadamia Nut in Shell and Macadamia Kernel all over the world. Our main markets for Macadamia exports include:

  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Hong Kong
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Europe
  • Canada

We supply Phytosanitary certificates and Certificate of Origin and Independent Lab Analysis for each shipment.  We use the Australian Macadamia Society (AMS) specifications for In Shell and Kernel.