Focus on Exporting Australian Food and Wine to Europe and North America


Australia has a reputation for producing and supplying quality Food and Wine and this is well deserved as we have the highest quality production standards and the best growing conditions and practices. At PATAZA, we have focused mainly on markets in Asia, and we are pleased to announce that we are now exporting Australian Food and Wine to European and North American markets.

With the current position on Logistics as a result of the COVID pandemic and now the current war in Europe, we have seen a large increase in enquiries from Europe and also other markets in Asia due to supply issues they are experiencing buying from the United Kingdom and Europe. We have also noticed and increase in interest in Australian Oats, Vegetable Oils and Legumes, again due to increases in demand and limits in supply. This is also causing issues in Australia as manufacturers and suppliers are experiencing significant increases in costs, driven by increases in fuel (+15% vs SPLY) and increases in raw materials.

We have experience sourcing and shipping to the European Union, and we currently ship to France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and Benelux as well as the UK across all categories including Confectionery, Wine, General Grocery, Drinks and Snacks and food staples such as Oats, Legumes, Vegetable Oils. Australia has also announced a new FTA agreement with the UK, reducing import taxes and duties.

North America is also a growth market for PATAZA Pty Ltd, and we are shipping Confectionery to Canada and United States and we are also shipping grocery products from Australia to our sales partner in California, meaning that we can now ship to the USA through a co-loading agreement with our customer in the United States of America, allowing us to provide a Full Service solution to new customers, as we can source, supply, ship and even arrange local delivery in America.

We are also registered with FDA and we have a Dairy Export and Wine Export licence and this means that we are well placed to ship a wide range of Food and Wine to North America.

Popular products in Europe:

  • Tim Tam Biscuits
  • SAO Biscuits
  • Arnotts Biscuits
  • Weet Bix
  • Pods – Mars, Twix and Snickers
  • Manuka Honey
  • Maltesers Buckets
  • Bundaberg Drinks
  • Golden Circle Drinks 

Popular products in North America:

  • Tim Tam Biscuits
  • Limited Edition Confectionery and Snacks(M&M, Kit Kat, Doritos)
  • Australian Wine
  • Australian Milk
  • Kombucha
  • Big Sister Fruit Cakes
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Pods – Mars, Twix and Snickers

If you are in Europe, United Kingdom, Unites States of America or Canada and you are seeking to import Australian made Food, Confectionery and Wine, we would be pleased to arrange Export to your market. We are a leading Australian Food and Wine exporter, and we have the experience to deliver your export needs. Contact Us today.