Farewell Year of the Ox and Welcome Year of the Tiger

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February 1st 2022 is the start of the Lunar New Year and in the Chinese Horoscope it is the year of the Tiger. As Christmas and Western New Year are quickly approaching, we have been encouraging our customers in Asia to order early to avoid late arrival caused by shipping delays.

2021 Review

2021 (Year 2 of COVID) has been more challenging than 2020 (Year 1 of COVID), the reasons for this include:

– Supply Chain and Logistics cost increases – Sea Freight and Air Freight have in some cases tripled in price, to levels that can’t be absorbed

– Manufacturer Price Increases – driven in part by increasing costs of raw materials and Logistics as a result of COVID

– COVID Lockdowns and Lockdown fatigue – in many countries the impacts of lockdowns and restrictions on movements have had a bigger impact on business sentiment in 2021 and also Government assistance in many countries has been reduced or removed. Many countries are still in lockdown

(Image Courtesy of The Economist)

Despite the challenges of 2021, PATAZA Pty Ltd has achieved some major milestones in the past year including:

– Launching Kombucha into the Korean market, building on successful Kombucha sales in the Japan market

– Shipping containers of Food to a new customer in USA

– Sales of DJ&A products into Japan

– Growing our customer base in the Middle East/Gulf region

– Maltesers Buckets and M&M Buckets export to Asia

– Embarking on launching Australian Food and Wine to the European Union (EU) and United Kingdom

Throughout the past year, we have worked with our supply partners and our customers to deliver Australian Food and Wine for export, and we will continue to source and deliver quality Australian made products to the world.

2022 Forecast

Whether its Western New Year or Lunar New Year, we are looking towards 2022 with optimism, and there is a lot of data to support this.

AUSTRADE, Australia’s international trade body recently gave an interesting presentation on Post Covid potential for a world in recovery which gave some positive forecasts for 2022 and the DHL Export Barometer 2021 also gives some powerful insights for 2022.

Here at PATAZA Pty Ltd, we are planning for growth in the next year. We have some exciting projects and objectives in the next 12 months including

– Launching our own range of products under the Australis Food Group brand. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

– Launching Australian Food and Wine into the EU and UK market, including our own brands

– Consolidating and growing in the US market

– Developing and implementing a plan to become Carbon Neutral

We are seeing a trend for consumers in markets towards healthy food options – including functional beverages and foods, organic food, low sugar food and drink and healthier snacking options, and our company is well placed to capitalize on these market segments with Australian Food and Wine world renowned for quality and freshness.

(Courtesy of DHL Export Barometer 2021)
(Courtesy of DHL Export Barometer 2021)
Last Chance to Order for Delivery Before Lunar New Year

Finally, as we draw close to the end of 2021, the year of the Ox, we are encouraging our customers to place orders early for delivery before the year of the Tiger. Vessels departing in mid-December should arrive in Asia by mid-January and we have some Special Offers on popular products like Maltesers Buckets which are a great gift idea.

If you are interested in importing Australian Food and Wine, Contact Us today, we are a leading exporter of Food, Confectionery and Wine from Australia and experts in the industry.