Doc Adams Winery – McLarenvale South Australia

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Recently I had the pleasure of visiting the wonderful Doc Adams Winery. This Winery is our preferred supplier of wines and offers a range of high quality Australian wine.

Doc Adams Winery is located in McLarenvale, approximately 40 kilometres South of Adelaide. This is one of the 2 famous wine growing regions, with the other being the Barossa Valley to the East of Adelaide.

There are approximately 40 wineries in this region, and McLarenvale is renowned for its Red wine. This is due to the hot, dry climate, as well as its close proximity to the Ocean. The Barossa Valley region has a cooler climate and therefore, its specialty is White wine.

Adam Jacobs is the owner and viticulturist at Doc Adams Winery, and he took some time to share his experience in wine with me.

Adam also showed me their new Craft Beer – Doc’s Ale. Craft Beer is a growing market worldwide and Australia is at the forefront of this trend. Docs Ale is a great beer and this was my favourite drink!

I would like to thank Adam and his team for taking the time to deepen my knowledge of Wine,

Thanks Adam and team!

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